Grace is enough…

When God tells you to do something, do you listen immediately?


God has been pulling at my heart strings for the past several years. What He has been telling me to do, is just plain SCARY! I am scared, and I don’t feel like doing what my Father is telling me to do. Maybe I am the only one who feels this way?

Rather than trust God, I turned away from Him. I would much rather sacrifice something than to follow His commands. Obedience? What’s that? Fear? I have a lot of it!

Yet, here I am, exactly where He wanted me to be.

Blessed Blemishes.

Before, I was too ashamed of my past. I felt that everyone could see every blemish on my life. Everything that I’d ever done, was frowned upon.  My spirit WAS WEAK. At times, I felt ALONE. Many times, I was ALONE. Everyone around me knew the things I did and who I used to be…

But every time I tried to follow HIs lead, something would step right in my path, like the biggest pimple ever, and my focus would be completly lost. My focus was on the huge pimple, that I am sure EVERYONE COULD SEE.

But it was not about me. It was about Him…. So today, I am following His lead. I am taking hold of His hand, and allowing the Lord to guide my steps. Because it is still about Him!

In Corinthians 12:9 scripture tells us that:

MY GRACE is sufficient for you for MY POWER is made PERFECT in weakness.

When was the last time you let God’s grace be enough?

I am ready. I am ready for God to use my blemishes for blessings. With this blog, I hope to be able to encourage you through my blemishes that I share transparently with you. Although I felt as though Jesus was too far out of my reach, I can look back on everything and see clearly that He has been with me all along.

So, I pray that God uses these blemishes, not only in my life but in yours mainly for His Glory! For His purpose. For whatever His plans may be, I know it will be beautiful.

Will you come with me on this journey of embracing the blemishes on our lives, and living life the way Jesus intended? Say Yes! Let God’s grace wash you over and know that every scar, every mark, every blemish on your life, are blessings, to yourself and to others.

If you would like to share/have one of your blemishes featured on BlessedBlemishes, feel free to email me at or leave a comment below. Follow Blessed Blemishes on Twitter @BBlemishes and Instagram @BlessedBlemishes, if you haven’t already. I would love to hear from you!







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